The Power of the Cross

It’s pretty cool when we get to see a little growth in our lives. When you finally realize you are becoming the person you’ve always wanted to be but thought you could never achieve.

We don’t have to live defeated.

We don’t have to live a stagnant life.

We don’t have to stay in the same place emotionally, mentally, spiritually.

We are humans. We change. But we don’t have to change only into mutant or worse versions of ourselves. Our change isn’t of our own doing or in our own ability. It’s all because of the power of the same Spirit who raised Jesus from the dead.

The power of the Cross helps us grow. It gives us POWER and life. Because of what Jesus did, we do not have to live defeated or trapped in our old lives.

Bad habits can change.

Addictions can change.

Tendencies can change.

Opinions can change.

Lives can be transformed.

This is the Cross. This is the Kingdom. This is Jesus. This is reality.


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