We All Have A Story. Is There Purpose In Yours?

(A Million Miles, pt. 2)

I love the mornings.

I follow the sun and bask in its light for as long as it pours through the crystal windows.


Another little piece of encouragement from A Million Miles in a Thousand Years is more of a statement of truth that is brought to our attention and creates in us a deep moment of introspection.

“…people cannot live without a story, without a role to play.”

(Miller, 51)

I think this is what it means to search for purpose.

When we are searching for meaning for this life, we either find temporary satisfaction, or sit around depressed, wishing there was more to life. And really, if there was nothing in this life to bring any type of true and lasting satisfaction, it surely would be pointless to be alive.

Fortunately for us carbon blobs we call humans there is a greater hope and a story we can play. It is bigger than all of us, going on around us, breathing it’s scenes through us. It’s dangerous, thrilling, romantic, selfless, and full of love. And we all have a role to play.

We simply have to take a step of faith and join the excitement.

My encouragement for you today is this: don’t let yourself get dragged down by a meaningless story. Or a story that won’t satisfy. Seek the good story, and you will find it.

I’m still figuring out all that this Grand Story entails, but I am immensely thankful that I am in it at all.

Once you find this Story, there will be many, many acts and scenes to play out. But I promise you this: you will never again search for a better story.


What kind of story are you living?

What role do you play?


3 thoughts on “We All Have A Story. Is There Purpose In Yours?

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